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BSU 2018 at a glance | Bucharest Summer University

Bucharest Summer University is a widely acclaimed and highly honoured international cultural and academic event organised by Bucharest University of Economic Studies and the Bucharest University of Economic Studies Students’ Union through the Students’ Senate, the Association of Faculties of Economics from Romania (AFER), the Association of Economic Universities of South and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region (ASECU), with the academic mentoring of the Faculty of Marketing (MRK). This year`s edition, the 14th one, will take place during the upcoming summer, between 12th and 26th of August 2018, featuring the following topic: „Cultural Heritage: fostering community spirit and sustainable development”.

Similar events are taking place across the world, as students continue to mobilize in order to make their voices heard about the need of change.

Taking this into consideration the international programme highlights a selection of unique courses. In this way, a challenging educational environment is designed to develop the participants’ need of expressing their perspectives through debates and lectures from world-class specialists. The participants of Bucharest Summer University are students from all over the world that are enrolled in Bachelor, Master or PhD programmes. In 14 years of Bucharest Summer University existence, more than 650 students crossed our threshold and as a validation of our greatly level of internationalism, last year’s edition gathered 55 participants from 22 countries belonging to 4 continents.
After successfully completing the two weeks of lectures, seminars, workshops and debates held and moderated by professors, national and international specialists, along with the final examination, the participants may obtain 5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

The topics featured in previous editions of Bucharest Summer University vary, but we may denominate ‘Financial challenges and opportunities in a competitive economy’, ‘Energy and economic growth’, ‘Risks and security in the global world’, ‘Politics and economics in the global world’, ‘The four fundamental liberties of European Union’, ‘Global strategies of investments in the new economic reality’, ‘Creativity and innovation for future business’, ‘Corporate governance and knowledge in global economic future’ and ‘Globalisation through Business and Management. Becoming an Agent of Change’

Bucharest Summer School was deeply honoured to have a wide range of valuable speakers, amongst which we may emphasize: Mircea Geoană (President of the Aspen Institute, Romania), Claudia Ţapardel (Member of the European Parliament), Prof. Marius Profiroiu, PhD. (pro-rector of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies ), Ariana Năstăseanu (Project Officer at European Commission), Mirela Matache (Senior Consultant of EY Romania), Cristina Cojocaru (Senior Consultant of Deloitte), Dr. Jeffrey R Franks (Head of Romanian Delegation of International Monetary Fund ), Gürbüz Bahadir (President of SECI Center) and many others.

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