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About the Students' Union of ASE | Bucharest Summer University

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies ASE Student' Union (USASE)is the students' organization which represents the common interests of students from all levels of studies in the university (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral) and which is involved in their personal and professional development. USASE consists of founding members, students' representative members, association members, volunteers and honorable members.

The main objectives of USASE are:

  • Participation of the students representatives, members of the Union board at the decisions adopted by the consultative, deliberative and leading structures of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies ASE and of the faculties
  • Identification of students' problems and proposals of methods and actions for solving them
  • Involvement in the activities that connect with the social aspects of students' community life
  • Organization of educational, cultural and social activities
  • Initiation and consolidation of the collaboration relations between the students of our university and the ones from other universities from Romania or abroad.

USASE provides a strong voice and makes sure that students' concerns are at the centre of the university's decision making process. USASE is affiliated to the Students' Union of Romania, meaning that the university's students have also representation at the national level. Moreover, on our website, you can read about the events that we organize.