BSU 2017 - 13th Edition
Globalisation through Business and Management - Becoming an Agent of Change

BSU 2016 - 12th Edition
Public Value, Politics and Public Management in the European Union

BSU 2015 - 11th Edition
Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Intentions in the Global Economy

BSU 2014 - 10th Edition
Financial Challenges and Opportunities in a Competitive Economy

BSU 2013 - 9th Edition
Information and Governance in the Future Global Economy

BSU 2012 - 8th Edition
Creativity and Innovation for the Future Businesses

BSU 2011 - 7th Edition
Energy and Economic Growth

BSU 2010 - 6th Edition
Risk and Security in the Globalised World

BSU 2009 - 5th Edition
Economics and Politics in the Globalised Society

BSU 2008 - 4th Edition
The Four Fundamental Liberties of the European Union

BSU 2007 - 3rd Edition
Global Investment Strategies in the New Economic Reality

BSU 2006 - 2nd Edition

BSU 2005 - 1st Edition