Sarah, France (BSU'18 Participant): Participating at BSU 2018 made me discover a new country with a lot of potential, let me promote my own country, discover inspiring people from all around the world and attending classes helping me to acquire new knowledge in several fields! I sincerely recommend this experience not only to have fun but also to learn! This experience was an added value in my personal as well as educational life!

  Effie, Greece (BSU'18 Participant): Being a participant in Bucharest Summer University has been one of the best experiences I have lived. I learnt from prestigious teachers all of the aspects of cultural heritage in an international environment with people from over 20 countries. Also, as I was the only participant from Greece I got out of my comfort zone and opened myself to new knowledge and understanding. Thank you BSU <3

  Agustin, Argentina (BSU'18 Participant): BSU widely exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed every moment of this summer school. I could learn many things about Romanian culture and its economy and also we could visit several beautiful places in the country. I was able to interact with many people from all over the world, which was super interesting! At the end I left with a lot of new friends and willing to participate again.

  Stoyan, Bulgaria (BSU'18 Participant): Interesting and fun like Erasmus+ and in the same time academically oriented and beneficial like high quality academic education in an international atmosphere - this is BSU, the best summer university. We studied, we did projects, we had competitions, games, and tasks, but during all of these we were all together and kept our motivation. I am happy to be part of the BSU family for already two summers and hope to continue this positive life-changing trend!

  Thorsten, Germany (BSU'17 Participant): BSU was just what I expected it to be: a great mix of valuable cultural experiences, meeting new people with different backgrounds and interesting input from summer school lectures. All in all, it is a great way to spend two weeks over the summer! You can get to know another country like you never could on your own: together with a group of local students who put in great effort and time. I would definitely recommend BSU. Go see for yourself!

  Yllka, Albania (BSU'17 & '16 Participant): BSU is an intensive, joyful and fascinating experience at the same time. There is no better choice than a summer school in a country which has such an intriguing history and kind people. During my experience in BSU I felt in total comfort with the programme, organizing staff and also other participants. Thanks to BSU we have now a network where our colleagues turned out to be our closest friends. It also provides EU standards in everything and it’s worth participating.

  Mathia, UK (BSU'16 Participant): BSU gave me the opportunity to discover Romania and make friends for life. For that, I am forever grateful. ‘Take a chance because you’ll never know how absolutely perfect something could turn out to be.

  Tony, Indonesia (BSU'16 Participant): It was a life-changing experience through this program that helps me to be open-minded, and confident. The professors were passionate to share the practical knowledge and experiences. The case studies provided a great initiative learning experiences and It was interesting to get insights from visiting the Bank Central Romania to fully understand how to manage the money and interest. I think BSU is not only a learning place, but it is a transformation place.
You can find out more about Tony's experience in Bucharest here.