Meet The Organisers

”Never have I ever met cooler people than them!”

– One of Those People

Take a look at our beautiful faces and try finding out what our job positions below our profiles mean.
Jokes aside, we can assure you we are very interested in making this summer your one-of-a-kind adventure in our country.
Follow up with any news on the social media for the time being, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail at or contact us through our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Andra Mecu

Global Duchess

Florentina Chițu

Pink Panther

Ana Badea

Bunny Master

Andra Bădulescu

Artsy Gangsta

Ruxi Stanomir

Dawn Secretary

Alexandru Florescu

Mister Worldwide

Florin Matei

Cyborg Traveler

Alexandra Sârbu

Atomic Blonde


Doge Masterchef

Călina Toader

Finance Contesse

Anamaria Săpașu


Andrei Păunescu

Slim Shady

Ina Nimerenco

Rising Star

Mara Tudosescu

Charlie’s Angel

Dragoș Pană

Child Bilzerian

Adi Costache

Creative Chipmunk

Bogdan Oanță


Maria Necșescu


Cristian Ianc

Speech Weaver

Claudia Miu

Lady Arcana

Cristian Oprea

Duck Mentor

Lawrence Dincă


Beatrice Ardeleanu


Vlad Constantin

Classy Boy

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