Bucharest Summer University 2017

Globalisation through Business and Management: Becoming an Agent of Change

The Bucharest Summer University is an international cultural and academic event, which will take place between the 13th and the 27th of August 2017, focusing on economic problems and related fields of interest and has as a main objective to promote common academic values.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the exchange of ideas and to present a range of perspectives on globalisation and management in the European Union and to provide an enjoyable, creative and rewarding experience for the participating students.

Our Vision

Our vision is to identify the main challenges that the business sector faces in the 21st century in order to train a generation of new professionals that are able to develop and implement new ideas within a multicultural and competitive environment.

Our Goal

Our goal is to present a series of perspectives regarding the new challenges and opportunities from the business sector, along with presenting a few essential aspects regarding globalisation for students from around the world. Also, we aim to encourage the idea of exchange and provide a creative, unique and fulfilling experience to all our participants.

More Ways Than Ever To Spend Your Summer!

The Bucharest Summer University offers you tons of activities that will test your abilities and strengths, among with all the fun and entertainment you could get, all in a stunning two-week event.


Global Village


Bucharest Bicycle Tour


Certificate of Merit


Palace of the Parliament

So What Else Does BSU 2017 Mean? We’ll Tell You!

The Bucharest Summer University is the official summer school of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies organized annually by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies Students’ Union (USASE) and the ASE Students’ Senate, with the academic mentorship of one of the eleven faculties from our university. This international cultural and academic event, which will take place between the 13th and the 27th of August, focuses on economic problems and related fields of interest and has as main objective to promote common academic values.
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BSU weeks were one of the most memorable time. It gave me new friends, skills, experience, and the opportunity to communicate with wonderful guys from all over the world.
Ani Alikhanyan, Armenia
Last summer I participated in Bucharest Summer University. It not only gave me the opportunity to visit Bucharest and some other cities of Romania, but it also offered me the chance to make so many good lifelong friendships from all over the world since it is an international experience. It provided me with the opportunity to learn from fantastic academics more about economic studies and other things in this field. BSU organizing team ensured that we all experienced everything possible from the beauty of Bucharest to the wonderful landscapes in Brasov and other cities in Romania. They also organized many interesting games and funny activities. They were very friendly and helpful with everything. Last summer was one of the greatest that I’ve ever had because of this amazing, fun and life changing experience. It would always be great to take part in this summer school again. It is one of the most wonderful experiences one can have thorough their life.
Anisa Hoxha, Albania
If you come to this program, be ready for a two intense weeks of activities, trips, challenges and make new friends, I bet you will not forget this experience! The best part of this program will be all the friends you will make in the end. I highly recommend you to apply.
Lucas Álvarez Campusano, Chile
BSU was something new for me but I can say it had a huge impact . It was a great project which covered a lot of information and also was easy to absorb We had great lecturers and also a great staff. Organisation was one of the best I have ever been part of and everything went how it should . The activities were fantastic and also I had the chance to learn more about Romania . One of main benefits was working on our own presentation and also interacting with other participants. For two weeks I met and cooperate with people from all over the world which now I call them my friends. For me, BSU was a lifechanging experience like no other.
Kevin Hoxha, Albania
BSU was a great experience! I had so much fun and left with amazing friends from all over the world. There were two weeks of intensive learning and equally intensive partying, in which we shared customs, traveled and discovered the Romanian spirit! Unforgettable moments!
Magda Matetovici, Romania
Going to the lectures with a smile on your face? Only in BSU. Studying from Monday to Thursday and living in 5 star hotels on the weekends? Only in BSU. Where your class consists of 20+ nationalities? Only in BSU. And in the end you find out that even our religion, nationalities and education backgrounds are different, we carry the same message.
Matiss Steins, Latvia
Bucharest Summer University is something that can not be described with words, but it should be lived. When meeting all these people from all around the world, it felt like for just two weeks I visited all these places and understood all these cultures. Never the less, BSU will always stays a university although not a traditional one. The lectures were practical and interactive, precisely on the topic. Bucharest Summer University, beneficial and pleasant, is the perfect combination between a school and a vacation.
Polina Stoyanova, Bulgaria
BSU 2016 was such an exquisite opportunity for me, since I got to meet with young passionate international students from different corners of the world and build connection.It was also a great experience to learn about European public management issues and culture. Indeed I had such exciting moment and a lot of fun in 2016 BSU.
Sunday Sokoni, South Korea
The best memories I’ve ever had, with some of the kindest people I’ve ever met, in some of the prettiest locations I’ve ever seen. Brilliant two weeks of networking and learning. Thanks for everything, much love despite Brexit.
Uzair Mathia, United Kingdom
BSU is an intensive, joyful and fascinating experience at the same time. There is no better choice than a summer school in a country which has such an intriguing history and kind people. During my experience in BSU I felt in total comfort with the programme, organizing staff and also other participants. Thanks to BSU we have now a network where our colleagues turned out to be our closest friends. It also provides EU standards in everything and it’s worth participating.
Yllka Sella, Albania

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