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The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE), the Bucharest University of Economic Studies Students’ Union (USASE) through the Students’ Senate, the Association of Faculties of Economics from Romania (AFER), with the academic mentoring of the The Faculty of Business Administration in Foreign Languages (FABIZ) gladly invites you to take part in one of this summer’s most interesting educational experiences: Bucharest Summer University.

The 18th edition of the international summer school, held annually in Bucharest, gathers students from all over the world to discuss different topics in the economics field. The courses will take place between 11th and 25th of August 2024.

Together with speakers and professors from top universities and companies around the world, more than 40 participants will spend 2 weeks in the campus of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, including one extended weekend to explore particular destinations across the country.

This year’s topic is Digital Transformation For New Business Models.

Do not miss the chance to apply for this year’s experience!
It’s the perfect opportunity to discover a new country, a lot of new people from all around the world and to learn a lot of great information!
How do you apply?

Write your Curriculum Vitae, fill in the Application Form and, depending on the application method you choose, the essay or the motivation letter. For more details, please join our Community or contact us at

Here are the types of application that you can choose from:

Price: Free* Deadline:2̶0̶t̶h̶ 31st of May 2024 Results: 1st of June 2024 (if no deadline extension is applied) Requirements: CV + Essay (sent using the Application form) + Motivation Letter About the essay:  
  • Format: 2000 words (Times New Roman, Size 12, Spacing 1,5 |
  • Topic: Cross-border e-commerce revolution. Analyzing Shein’s rise and its global impact
  • Essay Structure:
    1. Introduction
    2. The rise of Shein
    • history & development
    • business model and strategy
    • key factors in success
    1. Shein’s global impact
    • Market expansion and penetration
    • Impact on traditional retail
    • Supply chain innovations
    1. Challenges and controversies
    • Regulatory and legal challenges
    • Sustainability and ethical concerns
    1. The future of cross-border e-commerce
    • Lessons from Shein’s business model
    • Emerging trends and technologies
    1. Conclusion
    2. References


    400 € (Early Bird)

    500 € (Late Bird)


    • Early bird: 1st of May 2023
    • Late bird: 1st of June 2023

    Results: up to 3 weeks after we will receive your application

    Requirements: CV + Motivation letter (sent using the Application form)


    700 € (Early Bird)

    800 € (Late Bird)


    Early bird: 1st of May 2024

    Late bird: 1st of June 2024

    Results: in maximum 48 hours after we will receive your application

    Requirements: CV (sent using the Application form)

    Now that you know what you have to do it’s time to apply!

    * Note: During BSU, the organising team will guarantee you the following: accommodation, 3 meals per day, transport from and to the airport, weekend trip (hotels, meals, transportation), courses and extracurricular activities. None of the payment methods include transportation costs for coming and leaving Romania.

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