Here they are : BSU 2017 Participants

Time has passed and a new edition of BSU has come. After a relatively long application period for one of the best summer university in the Eastern Europe, we are glad and, in the same time, excited to announce the names of this year’s participants. They have been chosen by a group of professors […]

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BSU2016 is finally here!

14 – 28 August 2016! Save the date!

Bucharest Summer University launches its 12th edition and invites you to join for a challenging and enriching experience.

This year BSU offers the possibility to learn everything about Public Value, Politics and Public Management in the European Union. Now it’s high time to apply for one of the […]

A glimpse of Bucharest Summer University 2015

All over the last 3 months we’ve presented you the top activities that the participants of BSU 2015 will do here, in Romania, in 2 amazing weeks. Still, since the application period is getting close to the end, we thought that now it might be a good moment to make a short brief about […]

You have less than one month to apply for a full scholarship!

You have less than one month  to apply for a full scholarship to the Bucharest Summer University 2015, the international summer school of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

Bucharest Summer University is an event organized by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, the ALUMNI ASE Association and by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies’ […]

Have you made plans for this summer?

Have you made plans for this summer?  You still have time to apply for the Bucharest Summer University 2015 international summer school, the academic event that will gather together 55 participants (your new international friends) from all around the world!

As we told you, Bucharest Summer University 2015 gives the opportunity for the participants to […]

It’s time to apply!

It’s time to apply!

How you can do this? It’s very simple: we have 3 types of applications and you have the opportunity to choose one of them.

Full Scholarship – for this type of application you have to submit until the 12th of June:

an essay on the following topic: ”Planning the entrepreneurial venture in agribusiness”;
your […]

BSU says hi!

We are very excited to announce you that we have started the application period for the 11th edition of one of the best summer schools from Eastern Europe, Bucharest Summer University 2015!

We can affirm that as time goes by, this project is present in the lives of more and more students from all over […]